Proudly Announcing That I’m a Recipient of Wiley’s Global Pacesetter Award

What’s a Pacesetter?

Wiley’s Pacesetter Awards program honors colleagues who have made significant contributions to Wiley’s success. They are issued semi-annually on a fiscal year basis at the individual and team level. I’m so excited to share that I’m one of two recipients at the individual level.

 Winners are chosen for achieving one or more of the following criteria:

  • Significant impact on Wiley’s financial results and/or strategic goals
  • Identification of opportunities that result in acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures or alliances
  • Significant cost savings/expense reduction
  • Resolution of critical problems and obstacles to achieving goals; responsiveness to unforeseen circumstances
  • Outstanding technological innovation that increases revenue and/or reduces cost
  • Outstanding creative effort
  • Extraordinary level of intra-company service through demonstration of professional capability, strong interpersonal relations, cooperation and helpfulness
  • Extraordinary level of external customer service and leveraging of sales through customer relationships
  • Significant improvements in products, processes and workflow, or quality orientation (should result in increased revenue or reduced costs)
  • Other achievements or results involving specific objectives, projects, activities or tasks which significantly advance progress towards department, business or company goals

So what are my thoughts on all this?

Reflections From an Overachiever

High performers need their tenacious drive and skill to be cultivated, nurtured and course-corrected to reach their maximum potential. Coming to Wiley Education Services has provided that in so many ways. I am surrounded by incredibly talented folks from whom I am learning so much from. It’s been a foundation for growth and a catalyst for mentorship upstream, down and peer-to-peer.

Since day 1, I have felt empowered and championed for across the entire organization – which has in turn cemented my commitment to our collective success. The standard for performance is high, but what I find so compelling is the intangible dedication to professional development. It goes beyond formal reviews; it unfolds every single day organically by the culture (for those who seek it). This seems like a good stopping point to plug this quote:

“We need to stop telling [women], “Get a mentor and you will excel.” Instead, we need to tell them, “Excel and you will get a mentor.”
― Sheryl SandbergLean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

I am also acutely aware that there is no story to tell without the efforts of my entire team. Whether they’ve helped me develop our strategic direction, or activated upon it with passion and commitment, the results are indicative of our collective strength.

Are you in a leadership role?

If yes, then I encourage you to truly invest in the talent around you. I am the byproduct of so many people investing in my academics, career and character over the years – and there’s been a lot of course correction needed along the way.  Those hallway conversations, random phone calls, late night skype sessions, impromptu brainstorms, 1:1 meetings and informal mentoring make a really big impact on folks.

Are you the spouse or partner of a woman in leadership?

I know it feels like I’m doling out some sort of Oscar speech. Believe me, I’m not taking myself too seriously here. It’s just that the recognition has given me some time to reflect on my path. This is where I have to give thanks to my #1 supporter – my husband Cam.

“When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”
― Sheryl SandbergLean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead


Nostalgic 1950’s Family Life – The Hathaways Take You Back a Simpler Time


The Hathaways invite you to enjoy this dreamlike sequence of a simpler time. Step inside the nostalgia of 1950’s family life. It is indeed those simple little ordinary things that imprint your heart with tender joy.

Remembering when…

…when an RSS feed meant Rise, Shine & Smile for breakfast
…when ‘face time’ happened around the table
…when a ‘like’ was a compliment paid in person
…when’ lol’ was truly laughing out loud
…when a ‘social share’ was when you split a coca cola
…when work and home rarely intersected
…when we pledged allegiance to more than 15 minutes of fame
…let us all remember that our simple moments will end up being our most treasured

“Remembering When” playfully relies on words that haven’t changed, but whose meaning has transformed in the wake of a new generation. The imagery draws upon the nostalgic (and very real) memories indelibly stitched in our childhood DNA. It’s the delectable Thanksgiving dinner smells permeating grandma Margaret’s house, the creative Halloween costumes hand made for Cam by Nana Penny, the green pancakes Christmas morning with papa Chuck, learning to ride a bike with Paw Paw Jerry, Nanny’s cookies that simply can’t be duplicated, arts and crafts projects with grandma Charlotte – and then there’s the Coca Cola legacy. Cam’s grandpa dedicated his entire life to working at the plant. Coca Cola wasn’t just a kitsch brand, it was a way a life. This is something our friend Ray has dedicated his collection to proving, so his home became the backdrop of our video.

It all started with a pink cherry apron

It started with a single point of inspiration: a pink cherry apron handmade by my neighbor for Madeline and me. From the moment I unwrapped the mommy / daughter cooking treasure, my mind was transfixed on old Betty Crocker ads. I had visions of the tender moments of a simpler time. Then there was the dress: Modcloth’s Comedy Hour Dress in Solid Red. I came across this stunning vintage dress and the concept unfolded.

Anyone who knows me has come to witness my love of written articulation of concepts that capture a slice of life; anyone who knows my husband has come to witness his relentless pursuit of visual elegance. So, when a writer marries a designer – this is what happens. Simple family photos take on a life of their own! (you should have seen our wedding 101 guide)

The concept

The concept is about re-framing our sometimes impersonal, technology-driven, family-fragmented, overworked lives and simplifying it down with a visual antithesis from days long gone. The irony is that Cam and I met online, both work in technology and my career aspirations are executive leadership.

I’ve been stuck in a paradox since the day I was born; I listen to Jazz, my favorite show is Bewitched and I fancy myself a doting housewife on the weekends (pot roast and all). Come Monday morning, I want back in the boardroom and thrive under tough business challenges. None of that takes away from the quest to slow down – even if it’s only for a photo shoot.

The talent behind it all

We’d like to sincerely thank the following folks for bringing this vision to life. Our industry is filled with extraordinary talent.

A behind the scenes look at the copywriting process

Client: Florida Hospital Foundation
Campaign: Generosity Heals
Media Vehicles: Short and long format testimonial videos as well as written testimonials for print and web.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the copywriting process and how it translates to the finished piece.

Generosity Heals Testimonial Videos 

To see how the content development process captured the campaign objectives on camera, click on each name below to see the finished videos. To see how this project translated to the written word, check out the full length testimonial samples.

Dr. Joseph Allgeier

Joseph Allgeier, DO is Director of Medical Residency at Florida Hospital, as well as the Medical Director of Shepherd’s Hope. Moreover, he regularly oversees medical mission trips and many community outreach programs.

Read full length testimonial 

Dr. Jenni Yoon

Dr. Yoon is the medical director of women’s imaging services at Florida Hospital. She is also a clinical assistant professor of radiology at Florida State University College of Medicine. The Jennie Yoon Buchanan M.D. Breast Cancer Fund was created because of her passion for providing quality care and helping those affected by breast cancer – including her sister who is now in remission.

John Davis

John Davis is a board member on the Florida Hospital Foundation. His generosity has helped meet many special needs, such as creating The Ellie Davis Family Area. John is the recipient of the Philanthropist of the Year Award.

Van Firios

A rapidly expanding tumor nearly cost Van Firios the use of his arm. At the time, he was serving our country and nothing was more important to him than being in peak physical condition. Florida Hospital saved his arm and he returned to defending America.

Claire Frenkel

At the age of four, Claire Frenkel was diagnosed with Primitive Undifferentiated Sarcoma in her tonsils. She was one of the first children to be treated at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute when it opened its doors in 1997.

The Gibbons Family

Many refer to the Gibbons as “the miracle family”. Their true and inspiring story recounts the pain and heartache of several life-threatening medical challenges and describes the wondrous triumphs and victories they encountered at Florida Hospital.

Read full length testimonial 

Alan Ginsburg

In 2007, The Alan Ginsburg Family Foundation gave Florida Hospital $20 million — the largest donation in its history — for its new $255 million patient tower. The 15-story, 440-bed Ginsburg features one of the largest emergency departments and cardiac catheterization labs in the country. The tower’s lobby was designed to be welcoming to people of all faiths and features a memorial to Ginsburg’s late wife, Harriet, and son, Jeffrey, who both died in a plane crash in 2002.

Lucille O’Neal

Lucille O’Neal has been a patient and philanthropist for Florida Hospital in a variety of capacities. Her gratitude to God for His mercy, grace and abundant blessing on the lives of her family has motivated her passion to help others that are less fortunate. Because of a deeply personal connection to premature babies, she is participating in the NICU ‘baby cuddler’ volunteer program.

Martie Salt

WFTV evening news anchor Marie Salt became a ‘grateful daughter’ when her father suffered a massive stroke and received expert care at Florida Hospital. During his inpatient stay, she witnessed compassionate whole-person healing that addressed her dad’s mind, body and spirit and was consequently moved to give back.

Benji Watson

14 year old Benjamin Watson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins B-cell lymphoma. He recently completed his last round of cancer treatment at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. During his stay, Ben urged his family to create a program through the Foundation to help other cancer-stricken children whose families are struggling to pay for the many incidental costs associated with hospitalization.