Who is Jourdan Marie Hathaway professionally?

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Jourdan M. Hathaway

Jourdan M. Hathaway

Jourdan Hathaway has a proven track record in strategic planning, brand management, campaign development, project management, copywriting, internet marketing and team leadership.  In 2008 and 2009, she was nominated for the prestigious Orlando Business Journal “Women Who Mean Business” award and has received numerous accolades from UCF’s Nicholson School of Communication for outstanding achievements among alumni.

Jourdan meets the needs of today’s market with an integrated approach offering traditional and non-traditional marketing solutions. She oversees client service relationships and strategic planning, along with playing an integral role in new business development and internal operations. Jourdan is also a published writer and provides copywriting services. Moreover, she is well-versed in media relations garnering coverage locally, nationally and internationally including appearances on Good Morning America, CNN, Fox & Friends and many more.

From banking and healthcare to education and nonprofit, Jourdan possesses a wide range of industry-specific knowledge. Understanding that ROI is the focal point of any project, she is business savvy and bottom-line conscious.

Jourdan demonstrates tireless dedication to client success and relentless support of results-driven creative ideas. Her pro-active approach to account management involves regular communication with the client to anticipate and immediately meet needs. She further concentrates on seeking opportunities to enhance growth; whether it’s new media trends for an integrated outreach program or brainstorming internal corporate promotion ideas. Developing, presenting and implementing advertising and marketing plans, she works with all of her team members throughout the process to ensure progress and consistency of branding throughout the campaign. She enjoys cultivating the talent of her team and providing the motivation needed for collective success.

“Strategic thinking is the only backbone to successful marketing. Understanding a client’s business objective, as it relates to a consumer’s current mindset, is an ever-changing landscape that necessitates constant investigation. When a product or service message is creatively executed by strategic planning to stimulate positive consumer action- it’s not magic- it’s marketing at its best!”

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