High Impact Executive Leader in Operations & Marketing

A Career at the Intersection of Marketing, Operations & Technology

Jourdan Marie Hathaway (Crumpler) Group VP for Operations at Wiley Education ServicesI cut my teeth early on in account management and business development on the advertising agency side working in many different industry sectors. I then made my way into technology, software development, customer experience, brand, and lead-gen roles heading up a global performance marketing team (150+ people, 18 disciplines) within higher ed as VP of Marketing. Today, I’m Group Vice President for Operations (a COO type role) where I support all of the functional areas across the full Student Lifecycle: marketing, enrollment services, retention services, academic services, product, operations, and change management. I’ve been at Wiley University Services since 2012 as a growth agent and fervent believer in our mission.

I’m naturally curious and have a knack for quickly connecting the dots. My role focuses on translating business opportunities into scalable strategies and technologies that drive efficiency, performance, and revenue growth. I oversee student acquisition and lifecycle delivery services, along with related technology-enablement, across a continuum of today’s customer journey needs. I concentrate on driving measurable business results and the orchestration of data-driven solutions—with a deep commitment to fostering a positive customer and employee experience along the way.

  • P&L: Oversight of the investments that drive profitable growth and figuring out when it’s time to -scale and/or sunset business initiatives and capabilities based on ROI and product-market fit
  • Talent Development: 20 years of experience hiring and developing talent across a wide range of disciplines
  • Change Management: Extensive experience managing organizations through change, including re-orgs, M&A, and the creation of new business sectors

Investing in People and Culture

I’m passionate about talent development and creating a culture that encourages innovation and collaboration, recognizing that success rests in the power of a motivated and inspired team. Speaking of teams, I lead large diverse remote and in-person teams (7 functional areas, 800+ indirect reports, 10 directs, 55 job functions) across Wiley to develop and execute against high-impact objectives. This requires leadership and activation on talent development, customer insights, lead generation and post-lead nurturing, business automation, customer data management, operational decision-making, program measurement, sales, customer retention and change management.

Drive, Ownership & Accountability

Let’s see….what else? I was born with an innate sense of accountability; the kind of kid that did all their summer reading in the first two weeks without being asked. It’s translated nicely for my managers over the years and those who depend on my work. I’m quite comfortable in front of a large audience (global town halls anyone?) as well as in one-one-one meetings to address a sensitive colleague issue. I enjoy leadership and motivating my incredible team to execute solid solutions. I also take mentoring up-and-comers very seriously – I once was one and was fortunate enough to be mentored by incredible leaders who were generous with their time.