Letter of Recommendation: Marty Hunt

Project: Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
Person: On behalf of Marty Hunt
Desc: Realtor Promotion

Let’s talk about Marty Hunt, shall we? In the midst of moving to a new home, becoming a brand new mom of two babies and being beyond busy, I still feel the overwhelming need to take a time out and share my experience of using Marty Hunt’s services. I have even pondered building a website dedicated to “the awesomeness of Marty” along with other service providers that have exceeded my expectations. Yeah, he’s that good. Rarely are you left with such an indelible impression that you proactively seek to report on the good. It’s all to easy to gripe, but it’s equally important to take the time out to share when it goes right. So, I am excited to have stumbled on Zillow to share my thoughts via this and other social media outlets.

My story started back in 2005, right before the height of the housing market. With soooo many buyers at that time, and money being lent hand over fist, it’s hard to imagine the level of service my husband and I received considering that we were only purchasing a starter home. Our budget wasn’t a big commission-maker and we could have easily been tossed aside for all the people gobbling up ultra inflated homes. But we weren’t; it was quite the opposite. I honestly felt like we were his number one clients at all times. Knowing it was our first home buying experience, he walked us through absolutely every nuance of the process with patience and the up-most respect. He showed us home after home after home and never rushed us. He steered us clear of making poor decisions (a la picking a home that has a great paint job and a failing AC unit) and went the extra mile to ensure our long term satisfaction. No matter what tax bracket you’re in, Marty treats you with respect.

Here’s the thing about Marty – his service level is like a throw back to when a man’s word was his bond….when honor, integrity and respect mattered…and business relationships were earned – not assumed. Even when things were good for realtors – no, make that REAL GOOD, he didn’t let an inkling of greed enter his demeanor or process. Can you imagine our surprise when he took off his shoes in our little ole house during the walk through as to not dirty the carpets?

By the time our closing came around, we knew we found the perfect home. So his job was done, right? Nope. Not when you have Marty Hunt for a realtor. He follows up to make sure you set your sprinklers, that you filed for homestead, that you don’t forget to get a replacement bulb for that one that burnt out…you get the point. 5 years later and we still get check ins on maintaining our investment.

So, fast forward half a decade in our starter home – A rapidly growing family and several life stage upgrades propelled us into the need for a bigger home. But uh oh, we are now amidst the biggest housing crises of our lifetime. Not to worry, it was second nature to pick up the phone to our “go-to home buying/selling guy”. As expected, Marty took care of us. He helped us make an informed decision with our old home and got us into our new dream home. Only this time, we were picky. Real picky. Did he care? Nope, he joined our picky-ness and worked relentlessly to meet our amenities wish list.

When months of looking failed to produce my soccer mom haven, we found an alternative. This time, we built our home from scratch and he was there every step of the way. He becomes your advocate in ways that are indescribable – from the builder to the lender to the inspector to the home design team – there wasn’t an ounce of getting anything over on us. Marty makes absolute sure that his clients get what they pay for. The fine print NEVER gets passed him. I can’t tell you the amount of times that he fought on our behalf to get what we deserved.

Would I recommend Marty? Why yes. In fact, I do every chance I can get. And I swear on my new maple cabinets that I’m not related to him in any way! His tag line is “Your Realtor for Life”, and I can assure you that it is the perfect slogan. He will no doubt be our realtor for as long as he is in business.

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