Have You Ever?

Have you ever heard the story about a friend of a friend who knew someone that got pregnant after they adopted? It seems like any time people choose to adopt a baby, it elicits this conditional response of, “watch, I bet you’ll get pregnant now”. Statistically speaking, only 5% of adoptive parents actually go on to have a biological child. This is a very small percentage; and chances are, it will not in fact happen to the person you are chatting up about it.

Well now, here comes the crazy part. Drum roll please. It would appear that Cam and I are in that 5%. That’s right, we are pregnant! Insert, “I told you so’s” here. We are actually 6 months along with a little boy due October 20th. We waited until nearly the end to share the news and we are happy to report that we’ve passed all of our prenatal testing with flying colors! (However, please keep the prayers coming as we still have a long road ahead.)

Just to recap:

  • This is our 6th pregnancy in 3 years.
  • Our children will be just over 6 months apart.
  • Last Thanksgiving, we were grieving the loss of our 5th child. One year later, we are celebrating the holidays with not ONE, but TWO babies.

We haven’t really moved past the shock or figuring out the logistics of raising two babies just a few months apart. Can you take two maternity leaves in a year? Will we ever sleep again? Do we need a minivan? Honestly, we are perfectly content basking in the possibility of having two children and have faith that the rest will fall into place. It’s the family blessing that we’ve always envisioned for ourselves.

God is really amazing, with a bit of a sense of humor I suppose. We wouldn’t change our situation for anything. Clearly God wanted us to be part of Autumn and Jay’s lives and we are actually thankful our losses brought us to them so we could have Madeline Brooke. We feel so incredibly blessed that we can experience adoption and childbirth. Even more miraculous is that our children can forever be a testament to God’s power and they will grow up learning that families are made in many ways.

So go on, keep telling that story about these people you knew who adopted a baby and then got pregnant. Only now, it won’t be a friend of a friend who knew someone….it’s people you know firsthand!

If anyone would like to contact Lifetime so they can start on the script of our movie, we give you the green light!

The Hathaways

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