Generosity Heals Campaign: Dr. Allgeier Story

Client: Florida Hospital Foundation
Service: Copywriting for Trifold Brochure
Campaign: “Generosity Heals”
Desc: Physician Testimony
Project Overview: Project started with me interviewing the physician one-on-one and asking him questions that I developed to create his story. From there, I listened to the audio file of the interview to draft the text in support of Florida Hospital Foundation’s campaign entitled: Generosity Heals.

“A big part of my life is focused on giving back to the community. It not only enriches those on the receiving end, but it greatly impacts my overall sense of purpose as a physician as well.” These are the sentiments coming from Joseph Allgeier, DO, who is not only Director of Medical Residency at Florida Hospital, but also the Medical Director of Shepherd’s Hope. Moreover, he regularly oversees medical mission trips as well as community outreach programs.

While juggling his private practice in 1997, Dr. Allgeier felt the need to do more. This led to his role at Shepherd’s Hope health centers, a unique community partnership initiative that provides quality, non-emergency medical care to those in need. “Every patient in our community deserves the opportunity to tap into resources that are important for maintaining health”, he said. For this reason, he has taken on a critical role to help provide health care to the uninsured. He often encourages fellow physicians to volunteer and is heavily involved in many fundraising programs to ensure the doors are always open.

“We all have an opportunity to positively affect people in this world in each of our own way. I would say to anyone who hasn’t considered giving back before that the reward far exceeds the perceived commitment level. You’ll find that helping others ends up greatly enhancing your own life as well.”

In addition to that community outreach program, Dr. Allgeier also extends his philanthropic philosophy oversees through the Florida Hospital medical residents mission trip. These mission trips are a extraordinary way to combine the human capacity for kindness with the skill to heal. It allows the team to focus on the root of medicine by taking care of patients, all while extending the healing ministry of Christ. It is here that Dr. Allgeier often witnesses a transformation among his medical residents. Whether it’s a patient who leaves an indelible impression or the camaraderie of working together to achieve a common goal, everyone has a rewarding take-away that fosters a compassionate approach to healing.

“One experience I’ve had that solidified the reason I went into medicine is with a patient I treated on a mission trip. At our first meeting, this young gentleman had malignant cancer and his outlook was not good without immediate medical intervention. With no other means to receive care, I knew how critical it was for us to be there. He is now in remission and I see him often for follow ups. His appreciation radiates through any language barrier; his smile truly says it all. Each year that I see that patient, I am humbled.”

As an ardent supporter of Florida Hospital’s mission to administer whole personal healing, Dr. Allgeier trains the medical residents to understand the importance of considering the mind, body and spirit during the healing the process. It begins with an innate understanding that a holistic approach to medicine gives patients the best chance of success. “Evidence has shown this to be true and that’s why I’m proud to be part of the Florida Hospital organization which emphasizes the connection”.

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