When I was growing up…

Jourdan Marie Hathaway (Crumpler)

Jourdan Marie Hathaway (Crumpler)

my grandmother used to make me open up a dictionary and learn one new word every single day. She’d have me use it in a sentence and try to remember it as days passed. She told me to file it away in my brain’s ‘word bank’ and withdraw it during a future conversation where a point would best be articulated by that very specific word. Over the years, I’ve probably retained a fraction of my ‘word bank’. After all, I haven’t found many instances where working in “bandersnatch” made sense, but I might try today. What I’ve never lost is my passion for communication and the beauty of expression. Whether it’s a running dialogue of a stream of consciousness for my personal musings or succinct word craftsmanship for marketing communication – I love it all.

Writer by Genetics and a Marketer by Degree

I’m a writer by genetics and a marketing professional by degree (Go UCF Knights). My career title is Senior Director of Marketing Program Management. Ok, so what does that mean? My role within the Marketing Leadership Team is centered on driving measurable business results and the standardization of data-driven best practices. Working in close collaboration across departments, I help identify opportunities to apply marketing strategies that increase efficiency, performance and/or revenue.

Roles and Responsibilities

In a nutshell, I help to contribute new knowledge, better tools, and improved processes to support Wiley’s higher education business unit. Responsibilities include project planning and delivery, marketing program measurement (KPI definition, benchmark setting, reporting), sharing of analyses, marketing enablement support, SOP process documentation and standardization, practice development, talent management, professional speaking, business development support and leading the Marketing Partnership Council.

Let’s see….what else? I was born with an innate sense of accountability; the kind of kid that did all their summer reading in the first two weeks. It’s translated nicely for my bosses over the years and those who depend on my work. Go ahead, ask them. I’m comfortable in front of an audience as well as in one-one-one meetings to address a staff issue. I enjoy leadership and motivating my team to execute solid solutions. I also take mentoring up-and-comers very seriously. Go ahead, ask those folks too!

I invite you to explore the diversity of my work and I challenge YOU to learn one new word today.

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